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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Canada tourist visa 10 years

Instructions and Help about Canada tourist visa 10 years

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Do I have to take a tourist visa to Canada if I have a US tourist visa for 10 years?
Do I have to take a tourist visa to Canada if I have a US tourist visa for 10 years?nHow long are you allowed to stay in Canada with a 10-year tourist visa?nCan I get a 10-year tourist visa in Canada?nWhat is the time limit to visit Canada after getting a multiple tourist visa of 10 years?nWhat do I need to do to get a tourist visa in Canada with a validity of 10 years?nCan I travel to Canada when pregnant for 4 months and stay till deliver so my baby can be Canadian citizen? What do I need to prepare? I have 10 years tourist visa granted, cost is not an issue.nI have USA and Canada tourist visa of 10 years (Multiple Entry) and now I am planning to apply Australia visitor visa, I am currently a undergraduate student, what are my chances of visa and how much processing time it would take?nIs it necessary to visit Canada within the first six months after getting 10 years of multiple entry tourist visa for Canada?nI have a 10-year tourist visa of Canada. Can I purchase a small property or agricultural land there? If yes, then what is the minimum limit?n
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