Form Imm 5257E

How to Fill IMM 5257 for Renewing of Work Permit

The people who are already working in Canada for a couple of years may stay there longer. But the point is that every visa ends, and it is necessary to renew it. What is the procedure of renovation? There is nothing complicated in that.

It is better to start renewing your permit before the previous one expires. Apply for the new Canada visa form IMM 5257 at least during a month and a half before the previous one ends. The sample can be filled out in the visa office. You may also complete it at home online from your personal computer or laptop. Note, that if you are going to change the place of employment, the permission you already have will be not valid. The reason for it is the change of your circumstances, thus you have to renew the permit.

A person may apply for the one more form because he or she wants to work more. One more reason to apply for the working permission is the end of your study. Some students may want to work after study and they need to fill IMM 5257 form.

What Documents Do I Need to Renew my Working Permission?

To fill out the application it is better to follow such instructions:

  1. Provide your passport.
  2. Indicate the information about your family.
  3. Add two photos for documents. Write your name and date of birth on the back side of the photo card.
  4. It is also obligatory to add the document that contains the proofs of your income.
  5. Do not forget to pay a fee that can vary from one hundred to five hundred dollars. If you are alone, the price will be lower.
  6. One more thing to mention is the medical examination documents.

How to Fill IMM 5257 for Renewing Work Permit?

To get a new permission for working in Canada it is required to complete IMM 5257 form.

First of all, it is necessary to indicate your personal details such as full name, date of birth, place where you have born and country, you are from. Additionally, you will have to include the country you are living in now and the countries where you lived before. Type in the field the data about your marital status and the language you prefer. Do not forget to indicate your contact information: current postal address, residential address, phone number, and e-mail.

As this visa is for employment, you should complete the part of the document that includes the previous places you worked in for the past ten years. Complete the section that includes all details about the serious illnesses you could have. The criminal or offense activity and military defense service need to be indicated too.