Form Imm 5257E

How to Fill IMM 5257 Form inside Canada

Many people who are searching for a new life visit Canada. Of course, those who try living there often decide to stay more. No matter why you came to this country: for study or working you may need to stay there longer. If your permission comes to end, it is obligatory to gather new documents and fill IMM 5257 form. If you are going to work for a new company, your current permission will become void. You should apply for one more permission before going to the new job.

You need to know, that since the end of July 2018 some applicants will be required to provide their biometric data. But those people who already live in Canada may provide their information till 2019.

The main point is that it is better not to wait until your admission comes to the end. Your application will be answered in a month and it may take additional time to collect the necessary documents. That is why you would better begin this procedure at least two months before the expiration date.

Where Can I Complete TRV?

There are two ways to apply for the IMM 5257 in 2018: online and in the Case Processing Centre. If you have not enough time for a visit to the capital of Canada, do it online. For completing the form online you need to have electronic copies of all the documents and the credit card to pay the tax online. If your documents are on the other language except for English or French, provide the translation in English. The translation should be made by the license bureau. The original copy should be certified by a notary (electronic version).

Secondly, complete IMM 5257 form from your personal computer or laptop:

  1. Type in your personal data, citizenship, place of birth and country of current residence.
  2. Additionally, mention your marital status and information about your spouse (if necessary).
  3. Do not forget to indicate the full postal address, active e-mail, and several phone numbers.
  4. Further on mention your education and employment data.
  5. One of the most important blocks of the template is medical information and criminal activity. Those parts are to be filled out very carefully in order to avoid further problems with visa.
  6. Finally, sign the sample and add the date.

Remember, that the sample should be provided together with all the necessary copies of the documents. Thus, make sure that you have given all of them to support the IMM 5257 form. It is not necessary to add to your form every document, as every case is individual.

Pay the fee to be sure that your application will be reviewed quickly and answered positively.