Form Imm 5257E

IMM 5257 Checklist

Everyone who comes to Canada for various purposes needs to complete the temporary visitor visa - IMM 5257 form. You can go to this place because of various reasons: as a tourist, student, or worker. But if you are non-resident, it is necessary to get the permission for visiting the country. If you live in the US, there is no need to fill out the template. There are other documents you will provide. Before you start completing application form IMM 5257 check whether your country is in the list. Some applicants are required to provide eTA instead of TRV.

It is much easier to fill out a blank template on your computer. You may download it from the website to your computer and upload it to the editor or find the site, that has the sample and an opportunity to type in the information into the requested fields.

What Do I Need to Apply for the Temporary Visa?

You can apply for TRV in three ways: online, at Visa Office outside Canada or in Canada. Note, that if you are going by plane, it is necessary to fill out the sample online or at office beforehand. This way you will avoid misunderstandings.

Pay attention to the fact that you need to apply at least in two months beforehand.

To get the document it is required to provide such information:

  1. It is obligatory to show that you have enough finances for the trip. That sum should cover your expenses and the money, that may be needed for other members of your family, that are traveling together with you (the proof of your income and finances you have).
  2. Say the reason for your trip. It is obligatory to say the truth. Do not say that you are going to visit touristic places if you are going to work (here you will have to mention proofs of your employment or study).
  3. You do not have any serious health problems (that should be approved by the certificate from the doctor).
  4. You were not engaged in a criminal activity.
  5. The permission for work or studying.
  6. In some cases, you may be required to add to the documents the biometric data. To do that you will have to visit Visa office outside Canada yourself.
  7. Have you visited Canada before? Then give the improvements on that trip. It will help you to get a quick and positive answer.
  8. You should say what places you are going to visit and why, and add their direct addresses.

There is no need to provide all that documents, as it depends on the case. For example, the spouse of the person who studies or works in this country can stay there for long no matter they have found the job according to their work permit or not.

In most cases, a visa is valid for half a year from the date you came to the country. But if you want to stay longer (to study at the university or work in some company), that will influence at the expiration date of your permission. If your permission came to end, it is necessary to renew it.