Form Imm 5257E

Who Needs a Temporary Resident Visa

The IMM 5257 Form, or Temporary Resident Visa Schedule 1, must be filled out by an individual who wishes to obtain temporary resident status. Such person is required to provide this document to the Citizenship and Immigration Office. A copy of the form should also be completed by the applicant’s spouse or child of the full legal age. All the data provided by the candidate is used for his or her evaluation according to the migration law. For instance, you might need to fill out IMM 5257 when applying for a Canadian visa as a tourist or business visitor. However, it depends on your country of residence; in some cases all you need is Electronic Travel Authorization.

The paper is mostly used to check the applicant’s connections to war crimes, participation in criminal groups, political activities, etc. Preparing it requires a lot of attention to details. Otherwise, your application might be denied by the Canadian authorities.

How Do I Fill out IMM 5257?

In order to complete the form electronically, provide the following data:

  • Your personal details (name, sex, date of birth, passport number, marital status)
  • The purpose of visiting Canada
  • Information on how long you wish to stay in Canada
  • Your financial status
  • Residential address (in case it’s different from the mailing address)
  • Information about people and institutions you wish to visit.

Once completed, every candidate should sign a declaration. The signature states that all the questions were answered truthfully. After that, the document has to be dated.

Complete Form IMM 5257 Online

The best way to create and complete the form is to get a fillable online template. It is accessible from any Internet-connected device regardless of its operating system. Neither sign-up, nor plugin or software installation are required. You are able to edit your IMM 5257 directly in your web browser and save it to your hard drive in PDF format when the job the done.

Keep in mind that all the documents you create electronically have the same legal weight as those you fill out and sign by hand. However, you can always download the form and get a paper copy. Make sure all the required fields are filled out. Proofread your writing and correct grammatical errors and typos, if any. Don’t forget to send the document to the local Canadian migration office once it’s completed and signed.